did your employer provided you a copy of h1b petition application to you? 2. But which document i needed to get stamp by next employer. Once USCIS receives my application, will the decision on approval of H1B be made in about 15 calendar days? If my husband visa gets approved by nov15, do I need to wait for the documents? So I think I lost my visa status. Visa processing times and questions can be stressful at times, thank you for replying to the queries. But during H1-B stamping what should i defend, if questioned about this? You can do premium for faster approval. In which status my case will fall or under which categories: H-1B Specialty occupation Change of status in the U.S Check with your attorney for suggestions and answers. I have not done anything regarding the h1b. or is that an approval notice? Now i want to leave the university and drop from it , As i am on H1b and decided not to pay the rest of the installments A: Status changes are handled by USCIS. Im in H1B Status now and planning to transfer to new employer. I cant help you here. I got my H1B stamping done last year in Sep 2009. You can continue to study while in H1, but you cannot be studying full time and not working when H1 is approved. Please also follow any specific instructions on the consular website about additional documents to bring to the interview. Like you mentioned in your comment, my H1B petitioning employer let USCIS know that I was no longer employed by them. But i couldnt see my employer sending me for visa interview. H1b extension is taking about 5 months for regular processing. I have been asked to travel with the new LCA approved and Fedex receipt number of the H1B amendment. Now my question is can I change my employer in May/June immediately after getting approval ? Since I am still in US, can another employer file cap exempt i-129 petition with COS as I am already counted in previous year cap ? Once you get your H1B stamped, you can enter the United States anytime after September 21st which is up to ten days before the October 1st H1B start date. If your visa application is approved it will be processed and mailed/available within 2 business days. Is there any company who can do H1 B visa can just reply me. Visa Validity- I guess it will be 3 yrs, will confirm after arrival of hard copy Should I Marry an American Citizen to Stay in USA? Can I travel outside US now ? I think I can work as consultant initially and transfer H1B. Is her H1B approved on Oct 2008 is till valid ? Please suggest. Work for Company A generate at least 2 pay stubs and then do the transfer? Will the H1B come in effect from 10/01/2017 ? You dont necessarily have to start working on the start date. Ill be travelling from New York to India via Air France and my layover is in Paris-Degaulle airport. I am applying for H1B COS on 01-APR-2017. The danger of traveling is that your Change of Status request will be automatically abandoned by USCIS. What happens to my H1 b status? You do not need to present your original I-797 approval notice when you apply for entry into the U.S. I am planning to go india and i want to know whether stamping is possible or not from India in present situation. Check with an attorney https://askanattorney.happyschools.com/, You should look at the Sevp portal if its gets updated to sept 30th 2020- then your cap-gap is in place. 2. You need to apply via lottery. Thank you so much for setting up this website and blog. But company x filed my petition when I was in place A and two months it moved me back to place B. I have the change of status and H1 is approved, Why this article say that i will be on H1 after October 2010, i thought it's October 2009. Does this mean they sent the reciept that they received our request? Also am not sure if I should fill a new the Ds-160 and attach it to my existing application? My H1-B petition for change of employer was approved(my prior visa status was F1 ==> OPT==>H1(previous employer)==>H1(transfer to current employer) and I would like to do H1-B stamping. I am currently in USA on h4 visa however I have an approved h1b petition which is not stamped. But I too am in a same boat, Hey Raghu. Thanks for asking. Currently I am on F-1 Student Visa. Change of Status(COS) or Consular Processing (CP). Then I would have the H1-B and he could transfer to the H4 Visa and apply for EAD. You may also be subject to a sometimes lengthy security clearance including Visa Mantis, especially if you are involved in high-tech work. Checking the feasibility of changing employer http://www.happyschools.com/ask-an-attorney/. If you dont have valid H1B Stamp, then you will fill DS-160, pay Visa Fees, get an appointment, and attend an interview. But my Visa Petition status is showing active and approved. DEC 2015 still waiting for final decision .. My petition is approved till Aug 12, 2021 and Visa stamping pending .I am not sure when it will be operation for Normal visa stamping. You have to consult an immigration attorney to get all the necessary answers to your unique situation or for additional questions. You can go for H-1B stamping to your nearby American consulate. Applying H1: Apr1st 2016, Which one is the better option? My situation is my employer is ready to H1b again in April 2019 with the same client where I am working now. His wife came on h4, now got h1b through lottery. Any help will be really appretiated.Thank you all. Why are you giving incorrect info? if so, what should I do for a month? So what shall we do ? 2. Can you tell me when can they apply for H4? I have made it easier to Ask an Immigration Attorney via Email or Phone (and it costs less), *https://www.happyschools.com/ask-an-attorney/*. I am looking to file H1 visa. Will I have to go for stamping to stay in the country? So while scheduling interview, it is asking me to write my petitioners name for H1B but say if I change employer in January or February can I update my petitioner name in DS 160/Scheduled appointment or I need to cancel the appointment and again schedule new appointment? I feel this might be becoz of the COS as i was not there in US while applying the petition . So, will my last year case have any impact on this year, as I didnt go last year. I also have a scanned copy of all the pages of my stolen passport which includes the copy of my F1 visa that expires in July 2018.. Can you please share your experience like what did you do in your case.? Can you tell me as per your experience, are they gonna change this status after sending 797( sent or something)? There will be a visa fee of at least $190 for each machine-readable visa issued. Please answer this question If you are in the United States on an H-1B visa, and your employer files a change of status petition on your behalf, you may be able to travel outside the United States after your change of status petition is approved. F1 to H1B: Your status will change to H-1B from the H-1Bs start date, even if the OPT period is valid for a few more months. Once your H1b is approved and your opt expires, CAP-GAP OPT kicks in. Since then i am in india, and did not attend US consulate for stamping. So, you can start working immediately. My attoryney applied for an amendment on June 2nd. 1. Could you kindly please provide me some guidance on below question? After approval of my petition, how long can i wait for change of status or getting stamped ? Can you please tell me what shud I do to correct that ?? You can start working only after the start date on I797 approval notice for new H1 petitions. It is really helpful for the candidates like me! After H1B Visa Approval Notice Sent I'm Indian, rightnow doing job in Singapore. pls suggest your valuable guidance. While there is no specific formula for avoiding such a delay, we generally recommend describing the potential use of technology on Form DS-160. I have only LCA ETA form 9035 & 9035E. I am working for company A on L1B. My question is what are the consequences of not having the visa stamped immediately. Once this H1B get approve if i travel to india in February 2012 do i need to go to US consulate to get H1B stamp again or my old H1b stamp will work. I started working since 6 months in pretty big company. If there is an error,check here for instructions on how to fix an I-94 card within the U.S. Once you receive your visa, please forward a copy of the visa and I-94 card to our office. On June 1, 1999, the DHS published an interim rule that allows persons who maintain H-1B status, and their dependents, to travel abroad and re-enter the U.S. in H-1B status while an application for adjustment of status is pending, without the need to first obtain "advance parole.". Mar 16, 2020 H1B Visa 2021 Premium Processing is Suspended Mar 20, 2020 All H1B and I-140 Premium Processing is Suspended due to Coronavirus All H1B & I-140 & I129 Premium Processing is Suspended USCIS just announced that all I-129 and I-140 Premium Processing is Suspended due to, The USCIS had just released the Interim Rules for H-1B visa applications. Got message: I have a touristic trip planned in the US in 2 weeks and wont have the time to get my Visa stamp at the embassy by then. I did not get my master's degree yet and luckly i got my OPT started lasy year. Please schedule a call we can discuss https://www.happyschools.com/ask-raghu/. Once I go back to India, I wont able to work to the client as I wont be having a legal status (but still I can get legal CPT status) and also can not come back as I wont be having valid visa Now comes the question. 3. I have got my h1 approved october 20th. If you are in doubt, change to Emirates or Qatar or other airlines that have connection in the Middle East. First, you must be present in the U.S. at the time your employer files your extension petition. For H1B ,Is ther need to submit my Birth certificate since my date of birth is different in College certificate and Birth certificate. So in order to stay in USA I just gave few options to my friend like Apply for H-1B (consulting Firms) this year, USCIS suspends all Premium Processing. Now my employer is not ready to offer the job as i am in india, Pls suggest how to get into USA. Its would take less than 30 minutes to get a new DS160. Visa Validity Be practical. H1B Visa petition can be approved with Change or Status or Without Change of Status. 3. Due to the current COVID-19 situation and presidential executive order proclamation and also consulate closures, I could not able to go to stamping and did not enter the USA yet. Thanks. My app got approved on 12 Nov , USCIS status as my case was approvedWe will mail your approval notice My current employer Dell India wants to me to work for them in Austin. Education US or non US ( there are certain quota for US Masters Degree or PHD students). I am searching for consultancy firms who will file my H1B visa. My H1 b petition is approved 2008 June , I didnt went for stamping . Im currently in USA with H4 visa and im planning to apply for H1b this year .Since the H1b process takes until October , Is there any possibility that i can go back to my home country after filing H1b and come back in September or October with H4 and then change my H4 to H1 in USA? After coming to US i changed my status to F1 in June 2011. ?Could you please advice me on the same? My Employer from India, I have my client at Location X and Location Y. Although even I remember my attorney saying the same thing that we cannot enter US atleast until 10 days prior to Oct 1st I am still wondering if thats true or not. My L1 is expired for company A with valid I-94. I got my H1B application approved and also done with the stamping on may 2012 . When you file for H-1B while on OPT status in USA, your employer actually submits two applications: form I-129 for the H-1B visa and form I-539 to change your status from F-1 into H-1B.

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