Don't install suckage! I listen to vinyl on a Technics 1710 turntable. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Subsonic The button on the right side of a front panel turns on and off subsonic filter. For medium large rooms and/or to suit your personal listening style, the EQ2 setting can be beneficial. WebSetting up a subsonic filter requires you to determine the type of filter being used, the frequencies that need to be filtered, and the power rating. Check out the MTX Audio THUNDER1000.1 Thunder Series Car Amplifier for a great amp with a subsonic filter. Keep an eye on the subs to make sure they aren't bottoming out a d just keep playing with it until you find a setting you like best. However, you might be the kind of audiophile whos more into hard numbers, or you may want a hint on where to start. that goes for both sealed and vented. If I set it to flat, (fine for sealed) then it will not apply a filter and the sub could over drive when lower than tuning frequency. Since this is fairly limited to an artifact associated with vinyl playback, is there any value to having this setting On while listening to digital playback? 0 comments 100% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up Sort by: best no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! Now, it gets a little more complicated. Is using the subsonic filter a must? 5. I don't have it turned up loud enough to ruin my sub even at 10hz so I am not worried about that just wondering what the lower bass notes will be like tuned at 20hz. It is very important that the capacitors C1, C2, C4, C5 and C7 are of exactly the same values in both channels. 4. The only thing you do need to know before we move on is that attenuation doesnt completely dampen sounds of a certain frequency. The Subsonic is now correctly set. If it's a ported box, set the subsonic about 5hZ below the tuning frequency. I learn something new everyday, I'm glad I asked this question because otherwise I would have never know how to actually set the ssf and whether to use it or not. Weve now covered the purpose of a subsonic filter and how it works. Let the user decide what sounds best to them. I have never heard of this. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. But if you understand how to adjust your subsonic filter and practice doing it right, you might reap some big rewards. basically, if you tune the box higher, and/or you will gain some spl, but excursion increases below the roll-off. Its the opposite of a low-pass filter, which only attenuates signals above a certain line. I wasn't able to find frequency response specs for these, but Most amplifiers have a 12 dB crossover slope on the LPF, so if you set the LPF higher, you will get punchy bass and it will hit very hard, but if you keep it at 60-80 Hz you will get smoother lower more pleasant bass. We recommend you try the factory setting first. The sweet spot for getting some pounding bass without destroying your subwoofer is between 25 Hz and 35 Hz. WebComplete with multiple DSP functions including 7-band PEQ, LPF, phase, subsonic filter, limiter, delay, and HPF the SPA250DSP gives you the ultimate control to fine tune your audio system. Its not important to understand exactly how theyre wired. Show more Show July 2014 and I have a light on my amp that turns red when clipping and if that happens I turn the gain down. That one takes some listening to get dialed in. June 2016 As a very general rule of thumb, I usually set an infrasonic filter 1/3 octave below tuning frequency. I also have a vintage McIntosh 2200 amplifier which is a 20hz to 20kHz amp. February 2014 Help with speaker placement 5.1.2 or 7.1 or ??? You'll find everything you want to know about car audio and get installation help, tips and great deals on your car stereo projects. If it's sealed it can be opened up, low. Set the LPF at 60-80 Hz. Low subsonic frequencies, especially 20 Hz and below, damage the structure, so we want to attenuate them as much as we can. All contents are Copyright 2023 by AspenCore, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Of course, can always adjust for an anomaly track. And tuned @ 20Hz. The number chosen here means the frequencies above will be filtered away to avoid high tones coming from your subwoofer nobody wants to hear Diana Kralls voice through the subwoofer anyways. Its the opposite of a low-pass filter, which only attenuates signals above a certain line. So I decided to search the Internet and found your write-up confirming my experience. WebThe subsonic filter is used to protect your subwoofer from damage due to playing low and loud. The Low Pass Frequency Slope means at which rate the frequencies should be tapering off, from the LPF Frequency point chosen. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Home Trials Setting your subsonic filter correctly eliminates the excursion demands on the subwoofer (s) below tuning and could provide you with years more service from your system. For movies this can be especially appealing. The next step is knowing how to make your high-pass filter work for you. Use a browser on any computer to play music and movies. it will attempt to quieten the notes that are below that frequency. Yet its not a topic amp owners can blow off. April 2014 You should set the filter at 20Hz, you can set it a tad higher, like 22-25, if you would like. That will be a pretty boomy system. It also has a balance control knob which is uncommon for a phono preamp. I got a couple of anticollision car door warning lights! I've been using Audacity to create an annotated MP3 collection from my old vinyl and have been living with these subsonic artifacts, worse in some LPs than others. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. What can you say? The proper way to level match your subs is to use the internal pink noise generator of your processor and an SPL meter set for slow response "C-weighted". Mhycoal 3 yr. ago You should stick to sealed without a subsonic unless you have a DSP that can apply a Hpf to the signal When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Think of the filter as a slope, not an on-off switch. The hertz scale is logarithmic. November 2015 and a low pass for the other 7 speakers at 80hz. What Is a Subsonic Filter & Why Should You Care? It It's at 20hz. So, if its tuned to 40 Hz, set the filter knob to 30 Hz. Ill have to try and find something with a bit of a warp or wobble Cinema Room: LG 77" C1 | Xbox Series X | Zidoo Z1000 Pro | ATV 4K | Denon X4700H running Monitor Audio Silver fronts and rears, SVS PB-1000 Pro sub and Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22 | House Grail April 2017 Your one stop shop for all Trailblazer Suspension/Wheels. other than a high pass filter set to 80hz. February 2016 It is adjustable from 6dB/Oct to 24dB/Oct with 6dB increments. Check the level of each sub independently by turning off all of the other subs not under test. After listening to a few songs I realized that it wasn't getting as low as it should considering my box is tuned to 30Hz and my xover is set to 100Hz so I turned down the SS filter a little more and it sounded alot better. If On is selected, then the Low Pass Filter will be disabled. November 2012 You're not going to blow up your car playing below tuning. Just don't be reckless with it. SSF @ 25hz is fine. Subsonic . As a result power handling decreases dramatically and excursion is uncontrolled which could result in damage to the driver, specifically physical damage as a result of over excursion at even modest power levels. I have mine inside of my phono stage which is a project audio tubebox ds. My sub with my port had 111db at 15Hz and 116 at 20Hz. Cheers! I also always keep my Bass and Treble to 12:00 -Off. House Grail is reader-supported. By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Some bass units on the market dont have subsonic filters built in. Even among seasoned audiophiles, subsonic filters are a topic guaranteed to sow confusion. Can you name them? If you set an 18 db/oct ss filter to 40 hz, then at 20 hz it will be 18 db quieter, the 24 db/oct would be 24 db quieter. Selectable from 12 Hz to 31 Hz. when I run a movie I have to find the right setting because every movie sounds different. So it's so hard to tell if it's better. The typical Tschebyscheff resonance of 0.1 dB does not cause any distortion. When using bass-boost chance to burn subwoofer rises as clipping occurs much earlier. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. December 2012 MY TURNTABLE is a thorens td 125 fully modded pretty quiet but I still believe not 100% sure that the subsonic filter degrades my sound a little. It will also help reduce low frequency rumble and sounds from the listening environment. Adjustable from 0-180 degrees. Join the community today and get started. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. In your case your filter goes to 35 so that's what you use. September 2013 I have mine set slightly lower for my sealed box. I'm actually very happy with it! You can select the subsonic filter frequency (frequency at which you want to begin filtering) and subsonic filter slope (the rate at which you want to attenuate the frequencies)., Receive exclusive offers and promotions. I cant find the SL100B Transistor, I think this is a large generalization as every install(box, subs, power level, design, vehicle, etc) is different. It's one of those "rule of thum Any help on this is greately appreciated. There are many DIY sub builders on the forum and they sometimes install a subsonic filter before the amplifier if they want to cut out certain low frequencies from the driver. Set it to about 20 Hz. Most subs have a filter built into the plate amp to protect the driver from damage from super low frequencies that it can't produce. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Turn the Low You can select the All rights reserved. The best thing to do is have the sub have a range of frequency response curves to choose from, like SVS's Ultra subs or Hsu's subs. February 2023 Support Back to Top bullseye753 Copper - Posts: 61 Joined: May 27, 2008 Location: North Carolina, United States a power requirement! Somewhere from 50hz to 65hz is likely where you are going to want your crossover set. It decreases the amplitude of those low notes you feel more than you hear. In other words, its what we know as a high-pass filter: a filter that lets through signals above a certain Hz threshold and attenuates any signal below that threshold. OK, so if the port tuning frequency is 40Hz then your subsonic should be set to 40Hz which is pretty high. For visual learners, the video below illustrates how low frequencies can distort a subwoofers cone alignment without a filter. A forum for all things Trailblazer SS including mileage, horsepower, transmissions, interior mods, tires and more! Learn more. Your favorite music genres will push the limits of the low end. First the subsonic filter. In other words, its what we know as a high-pass filter: a filter that lets through signals above a certain Hz threshold and attenuates any signal below that threshold. WebSecondly, a 30Hz tune would put a rule-of-thumb subsonic setting of 22.5Hz. Building a ported sub using an alpine type R 15inch driver. I remember watching my woofers move in and out (large excursions) without making a sound. # Low friction, completely stable dual pivot bearing design for vertical movement. Set it and listen. If you are only running like 200 watts to a sub with 16+ mm of Xmax, you can probably get by with setting it a little lower - just be careful. December 2016 Just make sure to set the xover on the deck before you turn the xover on the amp to the highest Hz. It's not always necessary but it really depends on the enclosure, subs, power, and what you listen to. Owner Stereo Integrity Co-owner Obsidian Car Audio Associate Sundown Audio So if you have a SUBwoofer in your Learn more OK, I'm convinced Show me the demo first Note that my The value you filter against needs to be the Property Name, not the database column name.

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